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If there is one thing Kym Carson knows she can rely on in this world, it’s her family! Big Christmas dinners, 21st birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, or celebrations ‘just because’, there are always been memorable events in the Entice-Me clan.

Surrounded by good friends, good wine and sumptuous food, Miss Entice sure knows how to entertain!

From an early age Kym recognised the important role food plays in every family’s life. Family, friends and colleagues work, laugh, cry, shout, embrace, love, share and give over food. It was with this foundation in mind that Kym established the innovative catering concept – Entice-Me.

Having worked in the hospitality industry herself for over 20 years, Kym knows what she is doing in the kitchen, a testament our customers will swear by!

Entice-Me are passionate about food and are committed to sharing that passion, desire, love and understanding with all their clients. From intimate dinners to life changing events, Entice-Me guarantees to deliver an unforgettable experience to ignite the passions and create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

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